IEP Prep Consultation

Need assistance preparing for your meeting? This consultation is right for you! Let's begins with you completing a brief survey so that I can collect the resources necessary for the meeting.

In this meeting we will discuss:

  • How to create and mange your IEP binder

  • How to read your child's IEP

  • Understand and write Parent Statement

  • Key concerns and solutions

  • Key questions to ask Before, During and After the meeting

This consult is 1 hour.

I offer phone, email and facetime consults.

Fee: $150

*Consent for Services must be signed and fees received before coaching services can begin*







Year long IEP Support

It's wonderful to know you have someone in your corner.I created this 4 hour package so I assist you at a longer period. You can spread the 4 hours over the school year and break the time however best works for you.

Any time over the initial 4 hours will be billed at $92/h

Fee: $368   

*Consent for Services must be signed and fees received before coaching services can begin*


Adapting your Child Care Center for Children with Special Needs     ( for Child Care Providers)

Is your school prepared to receive children with special needs? Tracey will guide child care professionals on preparing an environment suitable for all children to enjoy. From accommodation and modifications to getting ready for your first tour with a special needs parent.

Tracey will make sure you feel confident and secure before you enroll.

Fee: $375 (per school)

IEP Review

You will send your child's recent IEP and evaluations. Tracey will then start the review. This will include: A review of child's services, modifications and accommodations, PLOP, goals, and more. Once the review is finished, you will receive a report of Tracey's findings.

This review will take 2 weeks

Fee: $197

FACT: Children will sometimes need accommodations or modifications to help them succeed. Those two things are key in your child's IEP.

Example of accommodations (these are changes in how your child learns) would be allowing extra time for completing test and/or assignments, providing an aide or tutor, Learn content from audiobooks, videos and digital media instead of reading print versions, Be given a written or picture list of instructions

Example of General or Behavior modifications (these are changes to what your child learns)​developmental designed homework or assignments, Shorter, modified assignments, Breaks between tasks, Chart progress and maintain data, Modified grades based on IEP.

Frequently asked questions

What is an IEP?

Individualized Education Program: An individual plan devised to meet the needs of a student with special needs to ensure that s/he is educated in the least restrictive environment possible. The plan sets appropriate academic goals for a child with special needs and outlines meaningful support services a child might need to help achieve these goals. Children may have: Learning disabilities ADHD Emotional disorders Cognitive challenges Hearing impairment Visual impairment Speech or language impairment Developmental delay

Who benefits from an an IEP?

A child who has difficulty learning and functioning in a general education setting

How do you develop an IEP?

Child is identified as possibly needing special education and related services Child is evaluated IEP meeting is held and the IEP is written Services are provided to the child

What is an ARD meeting?

These letters stand for Admission, Review, and Dismissal. It is the Texas name for the group of people who make educational decisions about the student. The purpose of the ARD meeting is to provide an opportunity for parents and educators to discuss and develop an educational program for the student (the I.E.P.) The ARD committee must meet at least once a year. But, a parent can request ARD meetings throughot the year as needed.

What is IDEA?

Individual with Disabilities Education Act (PL 94-142). A federal law enacted in 1975 that guarantees students with disabilities the right to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) Free and Appropriate Public Education.

What is an IEE

Independent Educational Evaluation. IDEA made a specific provision for parents who want to request an IEE when they feel the district's assessment is incomplete, inaccurate, or does not accurately measure the student's need for special education services. An IEE is conducted by a professional not employed by the school district

As an IEP Coach, I  Do Not:

Tracey does not file for or attend mediation or due process hearings.  If the need arises for mediation or due process, she will provide a referral to a special education attorney. Draft TEA or OCR complaints

Tracey L. McEntyre, IEP Coach TX, Inc., is not a practicing attorney and does not provide legal advice or legal services. Tracey L. McEntyre, IEP Coach TX, cannot, and does not, guarantee any specific outcome.

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