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Should My Child Attend IEP Meetings?

Absolutely!! When? Now!! Many children don’t know anything about their diagnosis, the symptoms or why they don’t share classes with others peers. This is about their life and we are preparing them for: further education, employment, and independent. We need their input, and not just when they enter high school. So, preparation needed, talk with your child about the meeting and what happens. Help your child write questions or create pictures about what your child’s likes, dislikes, wants, and needs.

Why should children attend their IEP meeting... 1. Students will learn to Advocate for what they need or what is important to them. 2. Better understand their diagnosis, the symptoms or expressions of the diagnosis, and tools or supports they will need.

3. The rest of the IEP team will get a chance to meet the student face to face and get to know them as a student and not just information on a bunch of papers,

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