Just the thought of an IEP meeting can give you anxiety. Sitting in a room with teachers and experts, while listening to what you child is doing wrong, makes it worse!. 


 As a parent of a child with Autism, I understand that feeling of anxiety. That's why I created IEP COACH TX.  With our assistance, you will be prepared with the knowledge in how your child's IEP works, so that when you walk into a meeting with confidence to ensure your child's success in school and BEYOND!

Remember! You are not ALONE! It takes a village to make change happen

 Who should hire Us?

▪ Parents who need help navigating & negotiating IEP issues.

▪ Parents who want to contribute to IEP goal writing with the team.
 ▪ Parents who want to better understand data, assessments, and records.

.▪ Parents who want to become the leader of the IEP team.
▪ Parents who question the appropriateness of their child’s IEP.
▪ Parents who want more involvement in their child’s education.
▪ Parents who are feeling unheard by their child’s education team.
▪ Parents who feel their child is not making progress.
▪ Parents who need curriculum ideas and academic solutions.
▪ Parents who need help with behavior plans at home & school.
▪ Parents who need better home to school communication.
▪ Parents who are considering homeschooling their special needs child.
▪ Organizations who want to work cooperatively with special education families.
▪ Organizations who want to bring value to special education families.

▪ Organizations who want to inspire to their staff to help the children of all abilities

Assisting Families through the Special Needs Journey

**Tracey L. McEntyre and Cristina Kennedy is not an attorneys and does not provide legal advice or legal services. Tracey L. McEntyre, IEP Coach TX, cannot, and does not, guarantee any specific outcome. Tracey and Cristina provide support, encouragement, and information to parents.  Tracey and Cristina will work with parents and the school districts to help secure appropriate educational services for your child.**

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